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Saturday, November 20, 2004
A good day for football related to my academic existence. Put another check in the win category for both the University of Tennessee and Lafayette College.

Even though the MSSM (mainstream sports media) has forgotten about the oldest, continuously played rivalry in college football, fortune has not, as Lafayette goes on to a potential Division I-AA playoff berth by defeating archrival Lehigh by a score of 24 to 10.

UT has scrapped past a better than normal Vanderbilt team, 38-33, to clinch the SEC East championship slot against Auburn. I fear that game will not go as well for UT unless little brother Clausen really improves or one of our broken QBs return.

Shields... SHIELDS!
As if someone needed to pat the back of the science fiction authors anymore, it appears that MIT is working on shields for spacecraft! I used to read the New Scientist avidly (as Andrew can attest), perhaps I should see if Lafayette subscribes.

The loneliest blogger of them all
As best I can tell there have been less than 20 "hits" to this blog since Ben posted on the 6th of November. I also think that most of them might have been me.

Oh well. Perhaps it was all the political blogging or the really long posts. I will endeavor to publish a few non-political posts for a while. Maybe my co-bloggers will reappear and/or our handful of readers return.

Friday, November 19, 2004
I feel SO much better now.

I feel so much better, now that the following three issues of global importance are being handled so promptly:

(1) Tom Delay no longer has to worry about temporarily NOT being the majority leader of the House of Representatives due to his indictment by an obviously partisan and evil Democrat District Attorney in Texas, thanks to a quick House rules change [Hat tip Josh Marshall].

(2) There is serious work being done of the pandemic of porn addiction I feel so much better.

(3) There are plans to give relief for the ultra-rich with their over burden of taxes, by reducing the taxes of money earning money. As an added benefit the proposal is revenue neutral, since the plan is to eliminate the tax credit on state and local income taxes as well as the employer tax credit for health insurance.

I bet old Taft is laughing his afterworldly ass off.


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