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Monday, September 20, 2004
A Decidedly Different Tack

Well... after the never ending nonsense of the Rathergate phenomena (why does every "scandal" have to have "gate" appended to it?) and the swelling silliness this campaign is about to unleash on me... I though to do a little blogging before the madness takes me.


As Ben can note, I was not opposed to the Iraq invasion. There are a number of reasons as to why I felt this way. In retrospect I have been wondering just what I was thinking, especially since the reasons I felt most strongly about have all turned to dust since the conflict began. About the time I was going to inflict upon you kind readers my mea culpa, others (Matthew Yglesias and Belle of John and Belle have a Blog) have done it better than I could have. I think everything Belle says goes for me. Damn I hate being wrong.


I am really tired of election crap, and lo and behold I find a new blog (The Moderate Voice) who points to a blog by that STNG actor Wil Weaton. I was never a fan of Wesley, but I could separate the character on STNG from the actor which apparently is beyond a number of people on the Internet and in the Media. His blog is really good. I haven't read it all that thoroughly, but I like his openness and candor. It is refreshing.


Holy Swollen River Batman, the Delaware has burst its banks. I haven’t seen much in the media about the Delaware River valley flooding, but I can vouch that it was and still is an awesome spectacle. Twice in the last 100 years the Delaware has flooded significantly. The most impressive flood (both in volume of water and destruction) was in 1955 in the aftermath of Hurricane Diane. The '55 flood crested at 43 feet above the normal river level. This weekend's flood (the '04) crested at 36 feet above the normal level. Easton is especially vulnerable in such floods as it sits as the confluence of the Delaware and Lehigh rivers. For most of Saturday I was trapped on College Hill because the rivers and creeks that surround the hill (on all four sides) were flooding all the local roads. As the next day was gloriously bright sunny and cool, I decided to do a little photo reconnaissance. As soon as my pictures are developed I will find a way to post them. Until then I'll leave you with links to the local papers and their coverage (here, here, and here).


When I could escape the hill I went to see Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow. IT was excellent, well worth the $8.50 it cost me. If you like old 40s & 50s era science fiction art (as I do) you will definitely enjoy this movie. Add to that limited violence and no foul language that can remember and you have a great family movie. Additionally, as it did not try to be all fake real, I only noticed one anachronism which really didn't bother me. I kind of see the reason for including it. Since it didn't trumpet the action date of the film a lot
(1939) and the average movie attendee is most likely not that adept with history of major world events (WWI and WWII in particular) it was required for the audience to understand the time frame and people's ages involved.


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