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Saturday, August 28, 2004
The Republican National Convention
I've got a few quick thoughts on the RNC which will start on Monday in NYC. I don't know how this one is going to play out. In Boston they managed to shove all protesters and demonstrators in what amounted to a "concentration camp" according to some accounts. Essentially they shoved them all in a lot about a block from the convention that was surrounded by barbed wire fences.

This is not going to be the situation in NYC. The city has denied protestors permits for demonstrations in Central Park. Some groups are planning to disrupt things around the Madison Square Garden. Something tells me that the disruption is going to be vocal, intrusive, and quite possibly violent. I think there are some groups on the hard left who would love to see the convention disrupted to the point of being discontinued and NYC is probably the perfect place for that. If I'm remembering rightly NYC has not voted for a Republican nominee in over 50 years. They are certainly unlikely to do so this year. And with the NYPD and NYFD both without contracts I imagine that things could get a bit rowdy.

I hope that nothing bad happens, but something tells me that I can expect to hear at least a couple of stories about protesters going overboard and possibly even some violence coming out of New York over the coming days. I'm especially curious about what is going to happen the night of President Bush's acceptance speech.

Here's to hoping that the people opposed to Bush retain their senses and keep things under control.

Monday, August 23, 2004
Third Party Progress
Things proceed slowly for the third party idea. I am currently consulting my friends and associates to get a feel for what the platform for the party should be. I'm going to give a few of my thought out for consideration by all of you guys.

First, the name. I am thinking about the American Alliance Party. It brings in a couple of the important themes for this new political platform. It suggests a focus on bringing the two sides of the current political debate back together to drive for a new agenda.

Now for a few thoughts on party policy.

The Role of Government - It must be a guiding principal of the party that government is formed and maintained only by the goodwill and forbearance of the population that it serves. Government is not granted authority by virtue of its very existence, it is granted authority for the consent of the governed. The public trust is something that must be held in the forefront of every discussion about policy or philosophy of governing. From issues as diverse as taxation, education, civil rights, national security, and foreign policy each and every one must be understood and considered in the light of our charge by the people.

The questions that must be asked whenever we address any issue are these. Does the policy we are pursuing reflect the best interests of the American people? Have we treated all sides equally and fairly? Are we doing the best we can to ensure the best results?

Economic policy - One of the major focuses of this party should be a realistic economic policy that balances the two dominate political economic philosophies. First, American business is the engine that supplies so much of American economic clout. It is important for party policy to recognize that encouraging business expansion and new business growth will be a key to expanding and improving the American economic situation. At the same time it is important to balance that need with the realities of business practice. Government regulation of business to some extent is currently necessary and will continue to be necessary in the future. Unscrupulous business practices like those that led to Enron, Worldcom, and other recent scandals must be monitored. However, it is important to realize that it is small business which provides the majority of the impetus for economic growth and regulation of business must attempt to avoid stifling that growth as much as possible. Strict enforcement and punishment for business fraud must be pursued to protect the consumer interests, but with the knowledge that the majority of business owners are good law-abiding citizens who contribute in beneficial ways to their communities.

Taxation of course plays a large role in any discussion of economic policy. Fair taxation may be an impossibility but overtaxation of any segment of the American populace is to be avoided. No one enjoys paying taxes, but it is a reality of American life that must be addressed. An equitable taxation system certainly cannot be had if we return to the days of 50% and 60% income taxes. The party tax policy must attempt to avoid tax increases when possible and if such become absolutely necessary they must be distributed in such a way as to balance the ability of people to afford the increased taxes with the goal of not stifling incentive to achieve. But above all of these considerations must remain the understanding that with taxation and government spending we are simply stewards of the peoples money and that we hold whatever authority we may wield at the peoples behest. We are not elected because we know more about what needs to be done than everyone else, but because the people of the United States of America have entrusted us with their goodwill and support.

So there are a few thought for you guys to ponder over and pick at. I'm interested to hear comments.


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