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Thursday, July 15, 2004
Update on "America and Race"
I just found this article by Ward Connerly dated July 27, 2002. In it, he affirms the core of my thoughts on the decline of the NAACP.

My thoughts - what organization or individuals will assume the role as the NAACP works irself into obsolesance? Maybe Townhall will become the nexus for a minority coalition of advocacy.
More on variations in race
If you have the time, read Joanne Jacobs post on positive impacts of the No Child Left Behind legislation. Apparently, the Bush administration has done more to help minority students than any administration since Eisenhower.

By requiring scores to be analyzed by racial groups, schools are forced to confront the poor education being offered to minority students. Notice the quote from a spokesperson for Concerned Black Parents. Hmmmmm? Not the NAACP?

My point - For too long minority affiliation has been monolithic. Today, we are seeing more reports of minority leaders speaking up and stepping out of line with the prevailing group-think. In this case, parents of minority students realize the tremendous positive impact of the NCLB legislation. I have heard of other isolated instances of minority support of NCLB. Yet, in major media, the NCLB is routinely derided as the worst attack on education ever. Name a Democratic supporter of NCLB? Can't? Why?

And not just why? Why would the leaders of the minority groups in the US (NAACP is the prime example) not embrace the NCLB?
Wednesday, July 14, 2004
America and Race
Debra Dickerson is an emerging author of giant impact. I quoted her in my comprenhensive exams. She has an article on Bill Cosby's recent incidents that is worth reading (here). Thomas Sowell has this solid response to the NYT's article on the Mr. Cosby's remarks. Walter Williams has this response that is well worth reading.

Race is an issue that is rapidly changing.

Read this brief article on the former CEO of Godfather's Pizza. Or read this on the NAACP and the gay marriage issue.

Linda Chavez illimunates the issues likely to move Hispanic voters in 2004.

There are other points to consider. I need sometime to round them up. But when I have a chance to post, I think we should all begin to work on a new understanding of the dynamics of race in America. Times are a'changing.
Tuesday, July 13, 2004
Yes, No, and Maybe
Sens. Kerry and Edwards are having a hard time with the question of their votes to approve military action in response to 9-11. See Tom Maquire's post on it. Remember, they both voted "yes" on the authorizatio of military force in Afghanistan and Iraq.

The money quote: Reluctance to answer the question is understandable. If they say they stand by their pro-war votes, this makes nonsense of their criticisms of Bush. If they say they were misled or duped by the administration, they look dopey and weak.... If Kerry and Edwards tell the probable truth that they were deeply dubious about the war but afraid to vote no in the post-9/11 atmosphere and be tarred as lily-livered liberals, they would win raves from editorial writers for their frankness and courage. And they could stop dreaming of oval offices.

I wonder. If they get around to answering the question, will the media take them to task for the answer? I doubt it. Regardless of the choice they make, I feel certain they will get a pass on threpercussionsns.

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