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Monday, February 07, 2005
Ender's Game
Thanks to the Blogfather for the link. One thing that struck me as a young reader of Ender's Game was the way in which Ender's earthbound childhood was described. Massive encapsulated cities teeming with life like so many Manhattans and families sitting at home eating dinner and reading the news on their dining room tables. Not just in a paper but on the screens that covered the dining room table. The net was an integral part of the everyday life of the average family. And best of all the net was a place where everyone could interact. You had your Net ID and your opinion and you could wade into the debate. If you were good and other people listened to your ideas you could get syndicated on the net. You could be invited to participate in virtual debates between other noteworthy indivduals. This is a kind of distributed media nirvana, where the debate is no longer controlled by the big papers or stations.

Now look at this article by Ed Driscoll. As more and more instances of the "power of the tail" appear on the national radar and as more people follow Glenn's advice and read more than just Instapundit or Daily Kos we may get a chance to see the media empires crumble. Maybe, just maybe, the blogosphere is on the road to the distributed media paradise that was envisioned by Orson Scott Card.


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