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Wednesday, May 05, 2004
I could be wrong
One of my favorite shows was "Dennis Miller" on HBO. I have watched his MSNBC program and have not taken to it yet. I think he will work the kinks out soon and hopefully move to a better time slot. His closing remark after a rant would be "hey, that's just my opinion, I could be wrong." The remarkable part of the comment is that it always was preceded by a mountain of facts supporting an argument.

I wish I had a mountain of facts to support my previous position, but I do not. I was wrong. In a previous
post and the post below, I posited that civil unions could be allowed by the government for same sex couples but the United Methodists Church could continue to ban same sex ceremonies and both of those propositions made sense. Well, I was wrong. I did something that is rare in highly debated issues. I listened. I listened last Sunday in my Sunday School class as my wife lead a lesson on the position of the United Methodist Church on homosexuality. I listened and then went on to give the message great thought. I realized that I was wrong.

As a believer and a member of the UMC, I have to oppose civil unions. The current controversy is highlighted here, but you may be confused if you read the entire article. On a side note, it is good to see that the UMC is boycotting Taco Bell and Native American mascots. I cannot sleep at night for worrying about all the people that are dying and going to hell every day because of tex-mex fast-food and the logo of Florida State.

Oppose civil unions. Yep. I have often thought about how I should treat issues outside of my belief. I think the lottery is a stupid idea and thankfully the UMC's official position agrees. But when Disney drew protests for offering same-sex partners the same benefits as spouses, I did not see a need to complain. I thought that Jesus would want gay people to have health insurance. But I now see the error in my thinking. I put physical health before spiritual health. Jesus would want gay people to have health insurance, but not at the cost of their immortal souls. There is a part of the baptism pledge in the UMC that I focus on for this issue. The congregation is asked to pledge after each person's baptism that they will "so order their life after the example of Christ, that this person will be confirmed in the faith." We are to live after the example of Jesus so that others around us will know His love. That means that we cannot have any reservations about our commitment to His example. The UMC has already prayed about, studied, and given great thought to the matter. We believe the a homosexual lifestyle is not in keeping with Christian living. If so, we cannot condone it. Period, dot, the end.

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